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Milan Martial Arts Academy
After School Program

Monday - Friday      2:00 pm - 6:30 pm

Milan Martial Arts Academy

After School Program

Elementary and Middle School Aged Students

Our Program Qualifies As A Physical Education Credit!

A one time $30 registration fee is due before the first day of the program. Each student will get a t-shirt and free karate uniform if not already a member of Milan Martial Arts Academy!

Program Itinerary


  • Arrive, change clothes, homework & personal time


  • Snack time and socializing


  • Team building exercises, games and physical challenges


  • Meditation


  • Brain Building


  • Prepare for Karate Class and Homework


  • Group 1 Karate Class

  • Group 2 Homework


  • Group 1 Homework

  • Group 2 Karate Class


Will snacks be provided? We will provide snacks, but you are more than welcome to pack one for your child.  We do have Pizza Friday to congratulate students on an awesome week!

If I have a 3Day or 1Day pass, does it have to be the same day(s) each week? No, it does not have to be the same days each week. You will fill out a weekly schedule of which days you will be there each week.

What are the rates? If you are a current karate student, your price will be shown in parentheses.Family discounts do not apply to After School Program.

5Day Pass - $90/week ($65/week)

3Day Pass - $70/week ($45/week)

1Day Pass - $35 ($20)

When is payment due each week? We encourage parents to pay by the month so we can keep things easy for you and us. Weekly payments are due on Friday for the following week accompanied by your 3Day or 1Day Pass schedule if applicable.

Do I need to let you know if my child will not be there that day? Yes! We take student safety very seriously. If you child is not going to be joining us on a planned day, you must inform us. We will start calling all contact numbers immediately if we do not see your child on a scheduled attendance day.