Section 1: Dynamic Warm-ups  

  • Arms: Advanced army crawls up across the ground - You will drag your body across the mat using your forearms, while keeping your feet crossed and off the mat.

  • Legs: Jack in the box walks up across the ground - You will step forward and lower your back knees towards the ground and then stand back up, alternating legs on each step.

  • Abs: Donkey kong’s across the ground - You will place your palms on the ground as far in front of you as possible without letting your feet come apart. Then, using your abdominal muscles, you will pull your feet off the ground towards your palms coming as close to your palms as possible.

  • Core: Forwards cab crawls across the ground - You will walk down the mat keeping your bottom off the ground. 

Assignment Overview

  • Today you are going to work on COORDINATION.

  • Here are the three COORDINATION tips that I want you to practice today:

  1. Listen carefully for your command.

  2. Keep your eyes on what you are doing.

  3. Use the proper part of your hand when you punch.

Section 2: Skill-building drill (Do three sets)

  • Balloon punches: Your partner will test your COORDINATION by calling out “left” or “right” and you must punch with the proper hand also while not letting the balloon hit the floor. The purpose of this drill is to help you build the ability to concentrate on an object that moves quickly and sporadically.

  • Ladder kicks: You will do 1 kick on each leg while saying “1.” Then you will do two kicks on each leg while counting each kick. Then you will do three kicks on each leg while counting to three on each rep, and so forth up to ten kicks.

Section 3: Partner stretches   

  • Straddle partner pull for 10 reps - Sit in a straddle position facing your partner with your feet on their ankles or inner knee. Reach forward and grab their arms. Lean back pulling your partner’s arms to help stretch their hamstrings.

  • Butterfly partner pull for 10 reps each - Sit in butterfly stretch position while your partner does the same facing you. Hold hands while one partner slowly leans back pulling the other partner.

  • Kneeling partner push for 10 secs - Kneel on both knees and sit back on your feet. Bring your chest down to your knees while reaching forwards with your hands. Your partner will place their hands on your back and gently push you forwards.

  • Sitting elbow pull for 10 secs - Sit with your feet crossed; place your hands behind your head while pointing your elbows out to the side. Your partner will stand behind you and gently pull your elbows backwards stretching your chest and shoulders.