Section 1: Static Warm-ups

  • Arms: Hold seal position for 10 seconds - Raise your head and belly off the ground using your palms, just like a seal.

  • Legs: Hold jack-in-the-box for 10 seconds - Lower your body as far as you can without your bottom touching the ground, as if you were in a tiny box, like a jack-in-the-box.

  • Abs: Hold feet out the water for 10 seconds- Raise your heels slightly off the ground as if you are raising your feet out of the water so that the sharks don’t bite your feet.

  • Core: Hold Spiderman’s for 10 seconds - Raise your entire body off the ground with the palms of your hands and the balls of your feet, as if you were Spiderman stuck on a wall.

Assignment Overview:

  • Today you are going to work on HOPPING.

  • Here are the three HOPPING tips that I want you to practice today:

  1. Keep your feet together as you hop.

  2. Bend your knees before you hop.

  3. Keep your head up as you jump.

Section 2: Skill-building drill (Do three sets)

  • Around the world: You will practice your hopping skills by hopping on ten paper plates set up in a big circle. If your feet fall off the plate, you must start over. Continue until you hop over all ten plates without your feet touching the ground.

  • Collect the circles: You will practice your hopping skills by hopping around the room to pick up 10 paper plates while keeping your feet together. If you drop a plate then you must start over.

Section 3: Passive stretches

  • Pat your back triceps stretch for 10 seconds - Raise one hand, and bending at the elbow place the hand on the upper shoulder. Grasp the elbow with the opposite hand and hold

  • Side bends for 10 seconds - Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Place hands on your hips. Bend sideways towards the floor at the waist.

  • Sitting quad stretch for 10 seconds - Kneel sitting on your knees and feet and place hands in your lap. Reach as far forward as you can and touch your chest to your knees. Keep your hips in contact with your feet while trying to extend your arms and body forward.

  • Kneeling reach for 10 seconds - Kneel sitting on your knees and feet and place hands in your lap. Place hands behind your back. Lean as far back as you can while keeping your knees on the floor.