Section 1: Active Warm-ups

  • Arms: Intermediate push-ups for 10 reps - You will lift your body off the ground from your knees up, your using your palms, then lower your body back to the ground, but do not let your chest touch the ground in between reps.

  • Legs: Squats touching the ground for 10 reps - You will lower your body as far as you can, trying to touch the ground with your fingers and then raise your body back up.

  • Abs: Dish pulling knees in for 10 reps - You will pull your knees in towards your chest and then return to starting position, not letting your feet or shoulders touch the ground in between reps.

  • Core: Bridge with kicks for 10 reps - You will kick from beginner bridge position, alternating legs. Try to keep your body parallel to the ground.

Assignment overview

  • Today you are going to work on PERSEVERANCE.

  • Here are the three PERSEVERANCE tips that I want you to practice today:

    • Do not give up your endurance especially when you are tired.

    • Do not lose focus under pressure and also when something is easy.

    • Do not give up your determination especially when something gets difficult.

Section 2: Skill-building drill (Do three sets)

  • Kicking burn-out: You will do fifty front kicks, alternating legs.  

  • Punching burn-out: You will do fifty punches alternating hands.  

Section 3: Active stretches

  • Hold lower back sitting stretch for 10 seconds - Sit with both feet in front about double shoulder width apart, knees bent. Lean as far forwards as you can.

  • Hold clock stretch 10 seconds - Lay flat on your stomach with your arm held palm down near your belt. Turn and lift your opposite shoulder so you are facing the opposite direction of the arm you are stretching. Hold for 10 seconds. Then raise the arm to shoulder level and hold. Then raise the arm slightly above shoulder level and hold.

  • Forward lunges for 10 reps - Stand with your hands up. Step far forward, with the opposite leg drop your knee to the floor. Use your hips to drive your hips forward and stretch.

  • Ankle rotations 10 reps - Sit with both feet in front. Cross one leg over the other. With one hand hold your ankle in place. With the other grab the instep or big toe and rotate your ankle in a large circular motion.