Section 1: Static Warm-ups

  • Arms: Hold super man push-up position for 10 seconds - Raise your body off the ground using your palms and the balls of your feet, keeping your feet, hips, and head aligned; and then you will extend one arm in front of your, keeping your arm parallel to the ground.

  • Legs: Hold single leg squat position for 10 seconds - Raise one leg off the ground and lower your body with your other leg while your arms remain extended in front of you, parallel to the ground.

  • Abs: Hold advanced dish position for 10 seconds - Raise your shoulders and feet off the ground, both at a 45-degree angle, while your arms are extended in front, parallel with your legs.

  • Core: Hold Straight-leg bridge for 10 seconds - Raise your body off the ground with the palms of your hands and your heels, keeping your heels, hips, and shoulders aligned; and then extend one leg up with your toes pointed forwards.

Assignment Overview:

  • Today you are going to work on PRECISION.

  • Here are the three PRECISION tips that I want you to practice today:

  1. Make sure you have good technique.

  2. Make sure you have good intensity.

  3. Keep your eye on your strikes/ kicks.

Section 2: Skill-building drill (Do three sets)

  • Paper break challenge: Cut a small slit into five pieces of paper. In this drill, your partner will hold a piece of paper and you will break the paper with your choice of an elbow strike, knifehand strike, or hammerfist. You will do this consecutively five times in a row. Switch to a front kick, round kick, or side kick.

  • Through the ring: You will do 10 punches through a ring while blindfolded. Then you will do 10 side kicks through the ring while blindfolded. You have to a burpee every time you touch the ring.

Section 3: Passive stretches

  • Hold cross leg stretch for 10 seconds - Sit with one leg crossed over the other. Use the opposite elbow to push against the crossed leg.

  • Hold seal stretch 10 seconds - Lay on your stomach facing the front. Make a diamond with your hands touching your index finger and thumbs together. Place your hands on the floor under your sternum and extend your arms lifting your upper body off the floor.

  • Hold neck pull for 10 seconds - Sit on your knees in a relaxed position. Use a hand on the crown of the head to gently pull you head to your shoulder.

  • Hold rubber guard stretch for 10 seconds - Lay on your back. Cross one ankle over the opposite knee. Lift that knee to your chest. Thread one arm through your legs and around your knee, and the other arm around the same knee. Squeeze and hold this position