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Milan Martial Arts Summer Camp

Ages 7-13     Limited to 25 Spots Per Week

Our Summer Camp program is the perfect way for your child to spend the summer! Each of the 9 weeks has their own theme like Kicks & Tricks, Healthy Me and includes a Karate Class each day. Our focus is to create a learning environment including field trips to the Milan Ritz, Milan Farmers' Market and More.

Lunch and Snacks are provided as well as entry to all Field Trips in the price per week. Each camper also receives a special Milan Martial Arts Summer Camp 2022 T-Shirt.


We follow a similar outline each day with different games, drills, teamwork games, crafts based on the theme of the week.

  • Electronics are allowed only during personal and quiet time with the use of headphones or sound off. Cell phones are permitted but not to be in use except for designated phone check-ins and personal/quiet time.


  • Welcome procedure, rules, meet your friends and Camp Leaders

  • Basic, low key, martial arts class to get everyone moving

  • Team games / races based on the weekly themes

  • Snacks

  • Crafts

  • Field Trips

  • Solo games / solo challenges


  • Quiet time - book reading / board and card games

  • Electronics may be used after meal


  • Life Skills training through fun martial arts class and games

  • Team games / races based on the weekly themes

  • Book reading / board and card games / Personal time

One Time Registration Fee - $99

Weekly Rate - $215

Hold your spot for just $25 per week! Remaining weekly balance due on the Monday of each registered week.


What Activities will my child be doing? Activities include Martial Arts classes, STEM projects, board games, physical games, field trips and more.

How flexible is your camp? Our camp is designed to be ultra-flexible! Register for the weeks that work best for you. Come as many or as few days that week as you like!

What if my camper is ill or plans change? If your camper becomes ill and cannot attend camp that week, you may reschedule for another week. You will not receive a refund or credit to your account.

What to wear? Comfortable clothing, shorts/sweatpants, and/or athletic clothing. Campers will be given a Milan Martial Arts Summer Camp T-Shirt that must be worn everyday. LABEL EVERYTHING!

How do we handle children with allergies? When you register for camp, please be sure to indicate specific allergies – especially food or environmental allergies. When you check your child into camp for the day, please mention your child’s allergies to our staff and your camper will be given a red allergy band with their specific allergy written on the band. You are welcome to leave your child’s Epipen or medication in our office, LABELED with your child’s name on it. We are NOT a peanut-free facility, however, we will have a lunch and snack table specified to be peanut-free. We will also make sure children with peanut allergies will get to sit with a friend that has a peanut-free lunch!


Milan Martial Arts is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Please label everything. A lot of towels, lunch boxes, water bottles, jewelry, shoes, shirts, swimsuits, and more get left behind daily. Due to the sheer volume of items that get left behind, we will donate all items left behind at the end of the week. Please make sure your child comes home with everything they bring and check the lost and found frequently.