Section 1: Ultimate Warm-ups

  • Arms: Advanced super slides across the ground - You will drag your body down the floor using only one arm.

  • Legs: Advanced plyos across the ground - You will jump down the floor without putting your foot down.  

  • Abs: Shrimps across the ground - You will slide your body, turning it to one side pushing with your feet and pulling your core with your abdominal muscles as you extend your arms towards your feet.

  • Core: Side crawls across the ground - You will walk down the floor sideways keeping your bottom off the ground.

Assignment Overview

  • Today you are going to work on VISION.

  • Here are the three VISION tips that I want you to practice today:

  1. Increase your VISION of character words by providing the definition.

  2. Increase your VISION of what character is developed best at what belt.

  3. Expand your VISION by applying more knowledge to the character words.

Section 2: Skill-building drill 

  • Word over, definition under: You will say a character word while jumping over a bar, and then you will say the definition while crawling under the obstacle.

  • Vision report: You will write a 250 word report on a character word using the tips from above. Once you are finished share it with a family member or friend.

Section 3: Partner stretches

  • Lay on the rock stretch for 10 seconds - Have one partner curl up into a ball on the floor. The other partner will sit facing away from them. Then lean back and stretch out over your partner’s back.

  • Laying hip stretch 10 seconds - One partner will lay on their back with arms extended to the side, feet together and straight. Then bend one knee and place it across your body. Your partner will place one hand on your opposite shoulder, holding it to the floor. The other hand will gently press on the bent knee until it touches the floor on the right side.

  • Rocking straddle stretch for 10 seconds - Sit facing each other in the straddle stretch position. One partner will place their feet on the ankle or inside of the knee of their partner and then hold hands. Rock slowly back and forth holding for a few seconds.

  • Kicking stretch for 10 seconds - Face your partner while kneeling. Have your partner place their foot sideways on your right shoulder with their toes behind your neck. Then grab their hand. Slowly stand up until they say “stop” and hold