Trials and Events

Are You Ready? Come give Martial Arts a try with one of our awesome community events or jump right into group classes with one of our trial offers.

Martial Arts Class

One Month Trial

Give it a try for only $99

Where most of our students start. This trial includes 2 classes a week, a free Uniform and 1-on-1 Private Intro Lesson.

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Parents Night Out

Next Event:  September 17, 2022

Enjoy a night out and let us handle the kids! For ages 7-12, our Parents Night Out will give kids a fun night of games, martial arts and fun.

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Tournament Competitor Bootcamp

2 hour seminar for Tournament Success - $30 per student

This two hour seminar will dive into the world of Sport Martial Arts and keys to success. Forms (Traditional and Creative), Weapons (Traditional and Creative) and Sparring (Point) will be covered.

Students will need their own weapon, uniform(s), sparring equipment. We encourage you to bring plenty of water and workout towel.